Top 5 skills for transition into the workplace

Top 5 skills for graduates in the workplace

Following on from my last post about the Top 5 skills needed for University Study, I also decided to look into university student perceptions of the skills needed for entering the workplace.

Some similarities from the last post but also some difference. The Top 5 were:

  1. Communication Skills

  2. Adaptability

  3. Emotional Intelligence

  4. Teamwork

  5. Organisation/Time Management

I reckon the students did a pretty good job or predicting the skills they would need, but other skills mentioned that came lower down the list can also be considered extremely valuable. Skills like the below are commonly listed as being highly desired amongst graduate recruiters.

  • Problem Solving

  • Critical Thinking

  • Resilience/Grit

  • Initiative/Work Ethic

What do you think, are there any that have been missed?

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