How can you select the best student leaders?

This year, I worked with Glenunga International High School to design a new process to assist staff leaders to revolutionise their Prefect Selection Process.

Over 100 students were initially nominated with senior staff shortlisting down to about 30. These 30 were split into two groups and asked to complete a pre-arrival activity and a team-based problem solving activity while senior staff and 2018 Prefects observed their behaviours and interactions within the group.

The Prefects were scored and then further shortlisted down to a top 15 or so, that were then asked to attend one final interview with senior staff to find the final ten Prefects for 2019.

The feedback from the Glenunga Staff was great as it was the first time they really had the opportunity to include some of the core attributes of a Prefect into the selection process. I also loved having the 2018 Head Prefects involved in the process; they provided some great insight and feedback based on their knowledge and experience in the role.

If this kind of process sounds interesting, get in touch - I'd love to talk more about a process that can work for your school!

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