DOPE (Bird Test)

A simple version of the common and popular DISC Profile is the DOPE (or Bird) Test. No this isn't some random sample demanded from the Indian boxing team, but an acronym for:

  • Dove

  • Owl

  • Peacock

  • Eagle

The website has a great, free, online version of the DOPE Test which describes the different types as:

  • Dove – peaceful and friendly (similar to Steady in DISC)

  • Owl – wise and logical (Cautious)

  • Peacock – showy and optimistic (Influencing)

  • Eagle – bold and decisive (Dominant)

DOPE (Bird) Test Percentages by Study Discipline

This is a simple and fun test that I often use as a very brief introduction to self-awareness and self-management. A recent survey of students was taken during Orientation at UniSA across the four campuses, each which has a different focus of academic study. The results are shown in the below graphic and varied a little from what was expected.

Probably no surprise at the dominance of Peacocks and Eagles/Owls in the Business School nor the Doves in Health and Education/Arts disciplines. We were more surprised to see the large number of Peacocks at the Science and Engineering campus where we expected more Owls. However we did make an assumption that Owls may be more likely to look but not try when presented with an opportunity to do such a test without warning.

No great, mind-blowing discoveries here, but an interesting little exercise regardless. For the record, i come out as an Owl with some Eagle and Dove tendencies....

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