What would you tell your high school self?

What would you tell your high school self?

Remember high school? Remember feeling stressed out of your mind about Year 12 assignment and exams?

I speak to high school students every year who are trying to deal with the hardest challenge they have ever faced. Student leaders with the best of intentions and the most noble of dreams for our world. Life is yet to drag them down.

Dealing with this challenge is scary. It's hard and it's new. Something they have never experienced before. I console them - trying not to sound condescending.

"You'll look back on this one of the best times of your life," I explain.

"Arrrgh, people always say that, how can that be true?"

"Does that mean life only gets worse from here?"

"Not much to look forward too!"

How can one respond to that?

But this is the hardest thing they have ever done. Soon they will progress to tertiary study or perhaps work. They will face new challenges that will again push them to their limits. Their tolerance for stress will grow.

They will get a "real job". The stresses of high school and university will seem like a distant and slightly humorous experience that had only moderate significance in their lives.




Health Issues.

Losing friends and family.

All new challenges. All with new stresses. Not all bad, some not bad at all. Just different and new. A chance to grow.

We are not always ready to listen to those who have lived these experiences when we are in high school. But perhaps being exposed to some of these lessons early, might enhance our ability to cope once they hit.

What would you tell your high school self? Do you have a story?

If you do I'd like to hear it. I don't want consultants trying to get business here. I want real stories from real people willing to share and teach. I look forward to hearing from you...

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