Building a Premiership Culture

Cultural awareness is vital skill for graduates as the world and business becomes more and more globally connected. However this article is not about this type of cultural awareness.....what it is about is the level of awareness that coaches and leaders have regarding the culture of their sporting club.

Premierships - the ultimate result of prioritising a strong club culture.

I heard a great quote a few weeks ago....

"Don't build a premiership team, build a premiership culture."

Having been involved in community sporting clubs for over 20 years now and having experienced the highs of premierships and the lows of relegation, I have come to recognise the signs of a strong club culture that ultimately leads to on-fields success.

I vividly remember a new coach coming into my cricket club and instilling a new set of expectations that were not at all well received by some of the best and most senior players of the club. There was eventually a mass exodus of players to our arch-rivals a few kilometres down the road, mainly consisting of these disgruntled senior players. Change breeds fear, drives individuals out of their comfort zone and if managed correctly, it can also inspire greatness. Thankfully the club's committee did not panic; rather they showed trust in the coach, belief in the journey and allowed the coach to do it his way and influence a new generation of players at the club.

The club went from one that was regularly successful in the 1st grade, but had struggled in lower grades for many years, to winning the Club Championship, having multiple young players in state squads each year, winning several lower grade premierships and eventually winning the 1st grade premiership for the first time in over 40 years (albeit under a different coach who although great in his own right, benefited from the work done in the previous 4-5 years). The success was built on the development of young players and creating a club atmosphere where every player was treated as an equal.

Reflecting on this I was able to simplify a formula for building a strong club culture. The formula centres on:

  • Values and Culture

  • Coaching

  • Personal Commitment

  • Unity and Teamwork

  • Club Support

In my experience, clubs that spent the time to get the above right are far more likely to find success. That is why I develop the Just Call me Coach 360 Club Culture Toolkit that consists of a player survey and detailed Club Culture Report. A club can forward the survey to their players and after the agreed closing date, will be provided with a snapshot of how the players rate the culture of the club. This is presented in an easy to interpret model, with comparisons to similar clubs, and suggestions for areas of focus for the club moving forward. Clubs can also choose to repeat the survey after 3, 6 or 12 months to measure improvement or regression.

Club packages and inclusions can be explored here and as a special offer, the first 10 clubs to contact us will receive:

  • Free no obligation briefing to Club Committee

  • Distribution and compilation of the Culture Survey to club members

  • First chapter your Club Culture Report

If satisfied, with the above (valued at $150), you will have the option to upgrade to a BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD package for $150 off the normal price.

If your club would like to know more about the JCMC 360 Club Culture Toolkit, please get in touch via email (

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